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Does the cash register already have our markup included?

 Yes! We will already have your markup programmed in your register before we deliver it to you! You can mark your store up (0%-30%) 

Do you take Debit/Credit Cards and Online Gift Cards?

 Yes! We take debit/credit cards and gift cards. We use to process all of our debit/credit card transactions! 

The shopping vouchers work just like gift cards in our store and they  are processed through!

Does each child get a receipt?

Yes! Each child does get a receipt!

Do you give step by step instructions?

 Yes! The Elf Shelf Holiday Store gives you step by step instruction's. Along with a instructional video. 

Can we call if we have questions about the cash register?

ABSOLUTELY! We are on standby 24/7 to answer all cash register phone calls!


 Some Holiday Shop Suppliers offer to give you a phone application and suggest you and your volunteers use their smart phone to record sales . . . The Elf Shelf Holiday Store does not.  If you are making CASH sales you need a CASH Register for the same reason national retailers like Walmart®, Sears®, Safeway®, and even Apple® use a CASH Register to record CASH sales.  You have an Audit Trail and less chance of money going missing. 


With Natalie's Elf Shelf Holiday Store programmable CASH Register the Cashier doesn't have to remember the prices of each item -- she just presses the key that matches the Price Code on the item and the right price is rung up.


With the Elf Shelf Holiday Shop programmable CASH Register the parents receive a receipt showing the amount their child has spent (not the items).


With the Elf Shelf Holiday Store programmable CASH Register program you don't have to Inventory -- saving you and your volunteers hours of valuable time.

Elf Shelf Holiday Shop also take Debit/Credit Cards!


 The Elf Shelf Holiday Store encourages all volunteers running the cash register to watch this video! 

Step by Step Cash Register Instructions

Natalie's Elf Shelf Holiday Store